Runny Multifloral Honey

340 grams

100% Premium Raw New Zealand Honey

No heat treatment or additives, pure honey just as the bees intended

Glass Jars - BPA Free


Runny honey is great for baking, cooking, or mixing into your tea, coffee and smoothies. Drizzle it over icecream, yoghurt or fruit, or as the key ingredient in your lemon and honey drinks for winter health.

A mild delicate flavour.


Our honey will naturally crystallise in about 2-4 months depending on honey variety and the temperature you store it at. Do not put your runny honey in the fridge, this will encourage it to crystalise faster.


Runny Multifloral Honey 340grams

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  • Munro Honey Co’s produced quality pure New Zealand honey. Both our creamed and runny honey is raw. The difference is simply an extra step in processing that naturally changes the texture or consistency.


    All of our honey is simply removed from the hive, extracted from the comb, coarsely filtered and packaged into our glass jars. Minimal processing ensures our honey is not denatured and retains its natural health benefits.