About Munro Honey Co

Munro Honey Co is an artisan honey producer based in Southland, New Zealand.


Munro Honey Co runs a true hive-to-jar process, from building our own equipment, to beekeeping, harvesting, extracting and packaging, every jar is perfected and sealed with care by hand.

It doesn't get more authentic than that!

Pure Raw Honey


Our raw honey contains no additional ingredients, just 100% Pure New Zealand Honey. 


It has always been important that Munro Honey Co produces honest and authentic honey, just as the bee's intended. 


Raw honey simply means we do not fine filter or heat our honey at all during the extracting and packaging process.

Fine filtering removes flower pollen naturally present in honey. Pollen aids your digestive system and helps to boosts your immunity.

Modern-day practices involve heating honey over 65 degrees for ease of bottling, however this compromises beneficial enzymes and important nutrients naturally present in honey.

This is why Munro Honey Co produces Raw Honey; no heating, no fine filtering and lovingly hand packaged in glass jars. Which means no BPA too! Even our courier bags are compostable!


It just doesn't feel right to do it any other way.


 Environment Southland Award Winner 2019

Environmental Sustainability in Business 


Winner - Munro Honey Co


"A chance encounter with a member of the Bee Society led to the creation of Munro Honey Co, a newly established honey business based in Invercargill.

The company ethos is ‘Better for the bees, better for the planet’. Steph from Munro Honey Co aims to run an ethical and sustainable partnership with nature and puts the environment at the heart of every business decision made.


While plastic alternatives would have been much more cost effective, Munro Honey Co have chosen to take a sustainable stance when it comes to their business. This includes making wooden hive-wear instead of buying plastic, ensuring all her packaging is reusable, compostable and recyclable, and keeping the honey that they produce as natural as possible.


Steph also has a large following for her business online and works hard to highlight the importance of bees, sustainability and the environment to the wider community."

Credit: Environment Southland es.govt.nz 

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