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Munro Honey Co

Munro Honey Co is a boutique honey company in the Deep South of New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on producing quality honey that is honest and unrefined.

Minimal processing ensures our honey is not denatured and retains its natural health benefits.

Just as the Bees Intended

Happy Bees

Happy Healthy Bees - Happy Honey

Munro Honey Co is better for bees, better for the planet, and better for you. When you choose Munro Honey, you’re shortening the journey of your honey from beehive to jar and your toast! Which in turn reduces your environmental footprint.

Our bees always have access to diverse floral sources and nutrients. This and the use of responsible management techniques, ensure our bees are happier, healthier, and produce higher quality honey for you to enjoy! 

Environmental Sustainability in Business 

 Environment Southland Award Winner 2019


Most recently our commitment to sustainability was recognised at the Environment Southland Awards where we won the Environmental Sustainability in Business Award. An achievement we are immensely proud of.

"A chance encounter with a member of the Bee Society led to the creation of Munro Honey Co, a newly established honey business based in Invercargill.

The company ethos is ‘Better for the bees, better for the planet’. Steph from Munro Honey Co aims to run an ethical and sustainable partnership with nature and puts the environment at the heart of every business decision made.


While plastic alternatives would have been much more cost effective, Munro Honey Co have chosen to take a sustainable stance when it comes to their business. This includes making wooden hive-wear instead of buying plastic, ensuring all her packaging is reusable, compostable and recyclable, and keeping the honey that they produce as natural as possible.


Steph also has a large following for her business online and works hard to highlight the importance of bees, sustainability and the environment to the wider community."

Credit: Environment Southland es.govt.nz 


Our Honey

Our raw honey contains no additional ingredients, just 100% Pure New Zealand Honey. 

Just as the Bees Intended

Partnership with Nature

We pride ourselves on being a sustainable company. We see that what we do is a partnership with nature.


We are always looking for better initiatives to improve our sustainability. Our most recent project is our packaging and posting. We are proud to say that every item of our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable.

It just didn't seem right to do it any other way!

Most recently our commitment to sustainability was recognised at the Environment Southland Awards where we won the Environmental Sustainability in Business Award. 

An achievement we are immensely proud of.

- Our  Southland Story -

Silk-woven winged through the air they fly,

zipping beneath this land's long white cloud,

Connoisseurs of infinite nectar, they sample the blooms.

North to South they dance across this vast New Zealand landscape,

working tiny magic to put an immense amount of food on our plates.

Words by Naenic